Funny mock trial cases

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Funny mock trial cases

One of my favorite things about high school was being a part of the mock trial team. I met my amazing teammates and lifelong friends with whom I got to do what I love most. Whether your school is 1 in the country or in the state, adrenaline rushes through your body at the thought of competing in a courtroom. You know what they say, all mock all the time.

They just get funnier and funnier. How do you nicely tell a member of our justice system that his questions are irrelevant and you just want the dang evidence admitted already? X commit the crime? Coach actually added this entire part himself, then said it sounded terrible during practice. I give up.

20 Things All Mock Trial Team Members Will Understand

Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends. Towson University. Mock trial puns. When the judge overrules a valid objection.

20 Things All Mock Trial Team Members Will Understand

Arguably one of the most obnoxious parts of any trial, ever. Listening to opposing counsel go on a tangent not even relevant to the case. Trying to politely argue with a judge for your evidence to be entered. Never memorizing all of the exceptions to hearsay.

Business records, excited utterance, party opponent…the list goes on and on. Guilty as charged. Asking to have a moment with your co-counsel. Dealing with difficult witnesses. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up! Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. This article has not been reviewed by Odyssey HQ and solely reflects the ideas and opinions of the creator.


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funny mock trial cases

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funny mock trial cases

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Mock Trial Past Cases

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Earlier this year, I was called for jury duty and picked to serve. Friends I told most often expressed sympathy for my misfortune. But I look at it differently. First, jury duty is a responsibility of citizenship; make no mistake about that. Our system — our concept of a fair trial — rests on a process of advocacy to decide guilt or innocence, which is done by a jury of ordinary individuals, like you and me.

Beyond fulfilling my civic responsibility, I find jury duty to be a fascinating experience. I get to see the back-and-forth of a real trial in contrast to a TV trial. I also get to know people, other jurors, who I probably would not otherwise meet. This is all to the good and relevant to us as educators. Preparing students to fulfill their future civic responsibilities comes under our umbrella. Having students participate in a mock trial is one strategy for doing so.

It has the added benefits of causing students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate; to develop listening skills; and to gain confidence in public speaking. To plan and carry out a mock trail, all you need is a set of facts, a statement of the relevant law, and students to role-play the individuals in the trial.

For a civil noncriminal case, that includes the plaintiff or person making the complaint, the lawyer for the plaintiff, the defendant, the lawyer for the defendant, witnesses if any, the judge, and the jury. For first-timers, the facts should be fairly straightforward. One Sunday Martha was sick, so she asked her friend Ted to rake for her. Ted raked the leaves and left, but soon after he left, a wind kicked up and spread the leaves over the lawn. The neighbor, having returned from an all-day outing, called Martha to complain about the leaves and refused to pay her.

When Martha went to inspect the lawn, she saw that the neighbor was right; leaves were everywhere. The law of Contracts applies to this situation.

A contract is an agreement between two or more parties, which creates an obligation to do or avoid doing a particular thing. Step 2: Identify the people involved in the trial: plaintiff, defendant, witnesses, judge, jury, and lawyers.

In the sample case, Ted is the plaintiff; Martha is the defendant. Step 4: If your students are older, you may want to acquaint them with the concept of evidence. Legal evidence is proof. Rules govern the evidence that can be used in a trial.

This is probably the most fundamental rule of all:. Lawyers can argue at great length about whether a particular piece of evidence is relevant or not. Say Ted wants to tell the jurors that he thinks Martha is a mean person.Elementary Mock Trial scripts often involve putting well known fairy tale characters, such as Goldilocks vs.

Three Bears, State vs. Most mock trials are available free of charge or a nominal cost. We are happy to provide these cases from the first 9 years of the tournament which were originally compiled for Michigan High School Mock Trial Manual with support from the Michigan State Bar Foundation. Except for People v. City of Rockville v. Chris Beck A car is involved in an accident that had just been reported stolen. The occupants ran from the car.

Police officer arrests a suspect. All statements from witnesses are included, as well as pertinent case law. Big Burger An individual working at a fast food restaurant gets into an argument with a customer. Sloan Jackson A student is accused of shoplifting a shirt from Merchandise Mal.

Tony C. Jones Rock Day concert and a parade were scheduled without authorization from City Council. Two diverse groups were formed; demonstrators and observers, and problems ensued. The police arrested demonstrators when they refused to disburse.

Dannie D. McGrew A person in a bar is killed by the bartender who claims self-defense. Dana M. As a result of this the child sustains a laceration on the head and seeks medical attention. The parent is charged with child abuse. Miles v. Chris M.

funny mock trial cases

Washington A high school student is banned from wearing an anti-abortion button to school.Courts Administration Authority Home. Search Search Keywords. Skip to main content. Portal Login. Page Content. On this page you will find: Mock trial scripts for the District Court Criminalsummary mock magistrates court matters - beginner with a defence statement provided and advanced where students should develop their own defence statementa kit for developing a mock Environment Resources and Development Court hearing.

The presence of a jury and narrator is optional. The following are divided into advanced and beginner matters. Examples and teacher information are provided. Teachers and students are encouraged to add enhancements such as character reference statements and medical reports where relevant but need to be mindful that this may lengthen the duration of the matter.

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They are designed for guilty pleas only. View the teacher information. The following activity can be used to show how a hearing before the Environment Resources and Development Court might proceed where the Court has been asked to determine whether or not a development should proceed and if so, under what conditions. In conducting this activity it may be useful to refer to the relevant Local Council Development Plan that can provide general information about zoning and other restrictions or requirements.

View recent judgments delivered by the Environment Resources and Development Court.

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Learn more about the functions of the ERD Court. Right panel.

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Courts Administration Authority Logo. Copyright This is a criminal trial before the District Court of South Australia involving the charge of stalking pursuant to the Criminal Law Consolidation Act Overview What are the main components of a court proceeding?

How can holding a mock trial provide insights into curricular material? In this lesson, students learn the key terms associated with the United States court system, then engage with core texts and subjects through the mock trial process. Materials Computers with Internet access or copies of resources about legal proceedings see below ; copies of the handout Preparing for a Mock Trial PDF.

Ask: Who are the key players in a courtroom? What are the stages of a trial? Write down as many words associated with courts and trials as you possibly can within two minutes. When time is up, invite pairs to indicate how many terms they wrote down, and then invite them to share and compare lists. Fill in any key terms as necessary.

Ask: How do you know these terms? What words do you hear often but cannot define, like arraignment or indictment? If you have Internet access, have students watch a video of a mock trial competition while taking notes, comparing their word lists with what they see in the video.

Arrest the bum and run him out of town: that was the approach of the Miami police when Alphonse Gabriel Capone moved to South Florida in But when he sued the city for harassment two years later and was then tried for perjury, the authorities ended up looking like chumps.

The public safety director, S. McCreary, testified to his own legal ignorance; the judge would later be indicted for taking bribes. Why then would the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court and Miami-Dade County go out of their way to re-enact the perjury trial on Tuesday — in a courthouse already overwhelmed with a backlog of cases? Read the entire article with your class, using the questions below.

Questions For discussion and reading comprehension:. Activity Ask students: What is the purpose of a mock trial? How do you think holding a mock trial in class would give us a different perspective on what we are studying? How does looking at curricular content through a legal lens give us fresh insights as well as teach us about the justice system?

Explain to students that they will now delve further into the mock trial process, requiring them to mine core texts for quotes, facts, insights and perspectives.

funny mock trial cases

But first, in any course, start by familiarizing students with the process, especially the players in a trial courtroom prosecutor, defending attorney, juror, bailiff, defendant, witness and the stages of a trial. Here are ideas for exploring curriculum with mock trial:. Going further Students conduct a full mock trial, starting with opening arguments, presentation of evidence and questioning of witnesses, cross-examinations and closing statements.

Each student participates. Roles to play include judge, jury member, prosecutor sdefense attorney sdefendant s and witnesses.Slogans are one of the effective ways to draw attention to the Event and their things. The role of a good slogan is to point towards the benefits of a product or Campaign.

A mock trial refers to the imitation trials or a simulation trials which are conducted by the law students in order to grasp the matter of trial rules and processes. Even though, it has a resemblance to a moot court but mock trials are generally used for simulating lower-court cases whereas moot court is known for simulating appellate court proceedings.

Lawyers who are preparing for a trail in the real world are often witnessed using the mock trial with volunteers as role players. It is a process used by many litigators and attorneys to experiment and test the theories that one might use in the real court trials. Mock trials are also used as an extracurricular program where many students take part in the rehearsed trials in order to learn more about the legal systems.

Such trials have become an essentiality these days because it not only prepares everyone for the real testimonies and cross examination but also improves the litigation skills. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.

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