Apps in japan

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Apps in japan

My smartphone, already a third limb, has become my pocket sensei. Almost a necessity in modern life — and a divisive one at that. With constant notifications, we are so easily dragged out of present surroundings and into that welcoming pixelated glow. This is particularly great whenever you are reminded of how much it costs to have a smartphone in Japan.

Please share your study methods with us mere mortals as Anki is basically a shortcut to vocabulary heaven or the path to enlightenment. Take your pick. These can range from just a word or kanji, to vocabulary placed in sentences to help you understand the context for it. These can come with audio cues and hilariously cheesy stock photos for extra fun.

When presented with a flashcard, think of the answer and then click to have it revealed. You can then self-mark from Again to Easy, with the time in which the card will be repeated listed alongside the options. As well as being able to create your own decks, Anki comes with a range of useful features, including an answer timer and the ability to flip the questions and answers — this is particularly good for when you want to switch between reading kanji or vocabulary to being able to write them.

Anki can be used as an app, online or a desktop version. For creating decks, you might find it quicker to use the desktop version and then sync it with your device. Hands up who has craved a good old-fashioned explanation in their native language?

It is packed with logically organized lessons, beautifully clear explanations, and conjugation tables, and there are even some exercises for the first chapters on basic grammar.

A list of vocabulary used in examples is given for every lesson, with the kanji, readings, and English meanings, allowing you to pick up new words whilst also seeing the grammar work in context.

Even without referring to this list, all kanji are clickable and so you should never have to refer to a dictionary. Have you ever opened an app and immediately fell in love? No confusion over how to use it but swiping through screens as if you and it had been born together? Start from the basics of katakana and hiragana and advance through to kanji and vocabulary as it throws various ways to test you, from multiple choice to touch-screen writing, with English to Japanese or vice versa as answer options.

Kanji lists can be displayed according to JLPT levels, making this the ultimate tool for helping you prepare for the exam.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases.

Add to Wishlist. Find reliable information and navigation for your trip to Japan. App Overview: -Travel guide contents -Route Search and navigation About the Features: [Travel guide contents] Regularly updated articles and tourist spot information, maps, and route search features help you plan and travel your journey across Japan.

Transit search is compatible with Japan Rail Pass. Explore Japan through content-rich articles introducing big cities to small rural towns and events. The articles are selected by JNTO for the app to enrich your journey.

The app contains basic information about Japan that may be helpful for tourists, such as general rules and manners, medical assistance, and embassy contact details. Links to helpful services also provided. You can also see them while offline.

This survey is optional, and you will be able to use the app without answering them. Reviews Review Policy. Updated railway map. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Privacy Policy. See more. AnD Space. MetroMan Japan - Transit Planner.

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The Best Japan Travel App. Enjoy your stay in Japan even more! Get all the latest info on Japan!Tap to call a taxi, make a reservation or find your fare instantly. Paying your fare is easy! Connect your preferred payment method credit cards, Apple Pay or other payment options to the Online Payment feature to order, ride and pay blissfully hassle-free!

About JapanTaxi App 1. Call a Taxi Select your pickup location on the app to request a taxi. You can customize your order by selecting a drop-off location, a number of vehicles, type of vehicle and payment method.

apps in japan

When your order matches with a nearby taxi, it will give you an estimated time of arrival. Make a Reservation Place an order in advance and give yourself a piece of mind.

Fare Finder Go to Calculate Fare and enter pick-up and drop-off locations. We will show you an estimated fare and travel time.

Most commonly used messaging app in Japan - Japan Forum

The flat rate taxi service is available in selected cities and the fee may vary by participating taxi company. The Online Payment feature accepts credit cards and other online payment services.

As such, some taxi companies may add a Radio Dispatch Fee to your fare total. Therefore, the actual route may vary.

Some taxi companies do not receive drop-off location data or offer advanced reservations or cashless payment options. Support for iOS 11 ended from this version.

At JapanTaxi, we live and breathe customer feedback. If you have any ideas or questions, we would love to hear from you! Best Regards, The Dev Team. So I did a trip to Japan the past couple weeks and this app was useful It does work despite what some of the comments below say. I used this app in Tokyo and in Kyoto. I used this is Kyoto and the app worked great for me.

There was at one point where it searched in Kyoto and told me no taxis were available, but then 5 mins later it was able to get me a taxi. I think it just literally was that all the taxis were taken at that time and not a fault of the app. If taxis are full, taxis are full.

I only tried to use the app once in Tokyo and it gave me the message that it could not find any taxis in my area and I believe it was the same reason as it was in Kyoto. So I think the app has potential and can be awesome when it works.

apps in japan

I am not sure what is the backend for this app but it is the slowest app ever.Whether it's for navigating the urban jungle, communicating with Japanese colleagues or finding the best spot for your date tonight — useful mobile apps can make your life that much easier and so much more fun.

It doesn't matter if you're vacationing, in Japan for business or here to stay for good, here are seven of our favorite smartphone apps. Looking for a restaurant in your area? And has a private, non-smoking room and staff who can assist you in English?

No worries, this restaurant search app is up to the challenge no matter how fussy your dining choices. Search by location, food category, opening hours, price and extra options, such as English-only menus and specific credit cards.

Website: gurunavi. Website: www. Note: The camera feature is paid, but with a one week free trial. The ATMs at 7-Eleven convenience stores allow you to withdraw cash using almost any international and domestic bank cards — and this app helps you find the route to the closest one in your area.

A life saver in case of a sudden cash emergency or impulse buy. Oyshee is a recipe app featuring everything from traditional Japanese omochi rice cakes to gyoza dumplings and even strawberry cakes.

Search by food type, ingredient or basic Japanese dishes. Website: recipe. Have we missed something? Share your favorite app for life in Japan with us in the comments below! This Week End At Home. By Asuka Naito. I am guilty, it has to be By Mia Moranza. New restaurants in Tokyo have been popping up like mushrooms after rain in the past few months. Our new Tokyo Table Talk will introduce you By The Savvy Team.So you want to learn Japanese online.

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But you aren't sure which free Japanese learning app is best for you? With so many apps out there for learning Japanese, you can have a hard time finding the ones that are worth your time. That's why I've put together this selection of the 5 best free Japanese learning apps. Technology has drastically changed how we do things, making products more efficient, cheaper and faster. And that includes methods and materials for learning a foreign language. In this post, you'll discover how mobile apps can boost your Japanese learning, for free!

No need to find time in your schedule for lessons.

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You'll find apps for android and iOS and even some web versions. Note: Apps are great, but if you really want to learn Japanese with confidence and fluency, you need a more comprehensive programme. The internet is a goldmine when it comes to gathering information and learning. But the internet also has many flaws.

apps in japan

In this post, you'll discover where to find the 5 biggest, shiniest pieces of Japanese-learning gold. And why they are ten times better than whatever traditional method you are using right now. These are the best five free apps that you can download right now to help you learn Japanese, regardless of your current level.

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Not an app person? There are other ways to learn Japanese online including through the power of story — if you're a beginner, I recommend getting started with Japanese Uncovered.

apps in japan

Imiwa is free but it packs in high-value content. It's an offline Japanese dictionary with extensive Japanese-English entries currently overYou can expect Imiwa to be updated all the time. Imiwa's search system sets it apart from the competition. There is one more great thing about Imiwa. Just like the other 4 tools you will find in this article, Imiwa is just an app. It weighs nothing.From finding the best restaurants and directions to getting early earthquake warnings, these mobile apps can help make life in Japan that much easier.

Ten years ago, nobody had heard of it. Yet, exactly one decade ago this month, the smartphone was launched and changed all that. Of course, there was Blackberry, Microsoft and Google, but when Apple announced it would enter the lucrative yet high-risk mobile phone market, established players like Nokia smirked. But 10 years later, Nokia is nowhere to be seen while Apple is about to release its eighth generation iPhone.

And as smartphones become more ubiquitous, so do the applications users can put on them. Gurunavi has existed in one form or another since before even the first iPhone hit Japan. Conveniently, it now a dedicated English iOS and Android app. With this, you can search restaurants and bars by genre, price range, location and review score. You can also make reservations directly through the app, as well. With several thousand venues available to search all across Japan, there are options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Bear in mind though, that an English language listing on Gurunavi does not necessarily mean that an English menu or English-speaking staff will be available at the restaurant.

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But — hey — this is Japan! Stumbling through the Japanese menu, ordering something different from what you expected, is undeniably part of the fun of dinner dates here. Earthquakeslandslides, flash floods and tsunamis are daily — albeit statistically unlikely — threats that we should be prepared for. It provides real-time updates and news on any tremors or other natural disasters in Japan as they happen.

It will also send an alert to your phone in the event of an earthquake warning being issued. Almost all phones issued by Japanese carriers have a native earthquake warning app, but of course, phones from abroad do not. So this NHK app makes a very worthwhile substitute. A couple of important notes: This app is dependent on having an active data connection.

Remember that in times of disaster, internet access may be compromised. Also, being an NHK app, the news updates will be in Japanese only. However, these updates are typically accompanied by graphs and other visual data that are easy for English speakers to understand, too.

Google Play. Japan Trains was one of the first Android apps I was introduced to when I came back to Japan in and got myself a new phone. Like most great apps, its beauty lies in its simplicity and ease of access. Japan Trains is a comprehensive train schedule checker, with real-time updates, to help you plan your route to perfection.

5 Best Free Japanese Learning Apps

Operating completely in English, you type in your departure station, your destination and either your departure time or intended arrival time. The app will then present you with five or more different options, showing where you need to be and when, which platform you leave from and how much it will cost.

You can also optimize your search by price, speed, local or express train and a host of other specific options. As far as free apps go, for traveling around Japan, this is an excellent first choice.Use the. The JNTO Official app provides you with the latest tourist information including travel guide content, route search, tourist spot information and more!

You'll be able to explore Japan on a deeper-level of understanding with its content-rich articles ranging from big cities to small towns.

Helpful basic information is also included. The Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists app can help you get around the city like a local. Instead of looking at a confusing map, tap the station names to find the easiest route to your destination.

There's no need to worry about having Wifi as the app can be used offline as well. Search for the station names based off nearby major tourist spots as well. With carefully selected travel information, browse sightseeing spots, restaurants, events and more.

With the app, you'll be able to get around no problem as there's helpful information regarding public transportation. The Japan Travel Guide for Tourists app provides you with all the information you need as a tourist to truly explore Japan. Find specific information that you need and make recommendations via reviews for other travelers. In addition, you can create your own travel schedule. Enjoy your trip to Japan with the Tabimori app.

It provides helpful Japanese phrases, currency converter, weather forecast, transportation guide and more.

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With all this useful information, Tabimori will make your trip that much smoother. Looking for the right tourist attractions in Japan? With the Japan2Go! The app also has a feature that allows you to find the closest tourists spots near you and the best way to get there. The TABIDO app not only provides information about Japanese culture and mannerisms, but gives you a deeper look into Japan and what it means to travel there.

Knowledgeable writers provide information about tourists spots that explain the main charms of the place, allowing you to truly experience Japanese culture firsthand. The Catalog Pocket App brings informative brochures about various tourist spots in one location. With this easy-to-access app, you'll be able to find great deals quickly and information about lesser-known destinations.

You can find travel guides and articles, the correct routes to get to your destination, maps and planners.


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